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Let's Build LA Together


LA Build Mixer produces a quarterly networking event for individuals in the building and home improvement community of Los Angeles. Attendees include designers, builders, architects, engineers, real estate agents, K&B Showroom owners and more.

In addition to the mixing opportunity, there will also be two unique 30 minute round table led discussions in the conference room, as well as a 45 minute seminar held by our platinum sponsor in the mezzanine. As always, there will be complimentary beer, wine and snacks, as well as food for purchase from our caterer. 

Our main goal is to connect people and create a space where like minded individuals can network, make profitable connections and have fun while doing it.


Growing up in Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s, I was fascinated with all the different architecture styles that surrounded me with both city and nature backdrops. From the industrial concrete jungle to the forest, desert and ocean. So Cal provided a rich mix of all things design that ultimately shaped the Freelancer brand. Having attended the School of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, I was able to start a drafting & permit expediting business. I helped set standards that raised the bar of professionalism in drafting and design within the home remodeling industry.

Eric Negrete
Owner of Freelancer Drafting Inc.

As a kid, I had no idea that I would get into the Kitchen & Bath industry, but I had no doubt that I'd find myself  in commerce. Trading products has always come naturally to me, and just felt like the right path. My vision has always been clear, I believe that regardless of the item sold, sourcing high quality products and finding ways to cut prices for consumers is a key aspect for the success of any business. I opened Alfi Trade Inc. over a decade ago with the idea of transforming the way in which showrooms and designers sourced their decorative plumbing fixtures. Digitalizing our catalogs and offering full transparency with online pricing; making it easier and more affordable for anyone to transform their kitchen or bathroom into functional works of art.

Square Head Shot.jpg
Eldad Alfi
Owner of Alfi Trade Inc.

I am a regular guy with a not so regular mission, 'To be empowered and assist others with living empowered lives'. I chose to work with LA Build Mixer because we have a similar mission, 'to grow and create opportunity with other like minded individuals, by serving in the arena of business development and networking'. I am always attracted to win-win situations and being a part of the LA Build Mixer team allows me to live out my mission, while winners are being created.

Steve Ezaki
Owner of TLM Marketing

I have been working in the Graphic Design Industry for over a decade and a half and have worked with a variety of businesses in various industries, including the home/building industry of construction, real estate,  and manufacturing. In 2016 I pushed my skills to a new level when I launched Kessell Graphics and committed myself to full time freelancing, following my truest passion for working directly with clients and building brand strategies with an emphasis of exploring the art and creative process behind the industry of design. Establishing the LA Build Mixer was a direct result of my efforts in refocusing my energy into collaborative work with other like minded individuals. Each member of the LA Build Team contributes in his/her own way, with my contribution being primarily focused on our brand and creating the visuals that will represent what we do, who the people in our industry are, and what we can build together.

Carlos Kessell
Owner of Kessell Graphics
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